Grazing Jellies is an augmented reality project i had the pleasure to work with. I made team with Neil Mendonza and Hudson-Powell, commissioned by the Abandon Normal Devices festival. Grazing Jellies takes place in a forest, a realtime portal into a colorful dream-like world of jelly creatures. The creatures were created to react to movement of the ambient and people and can also be called by making noise, When nothing is going on they wander around the world and hunt for food. My work on this project was mostly about the jellies generation/animation/rendering.

This is an awesome project and i really enjoyed working with the team. As said before this should not be a closed project, it was projected to live and change so it can fit other ambients, so except to see more about the Grazing Jellies.

Some videos on the development blog.

Full article on the festival @ Wired.