Windows Version | MacOSX Version

What is it?
– GML Viscosity
is an experiment. It is application used to draw GML tags on a viscous liquid rendered purely on the GPU side.

What does it do?
– It liquifies your tags, in a way you can hardly read them but still looks cool (thats graffiti).
– It is possible to load gml files from the disk or directly from the “lots of zeros”book database.

How can I interact?
– Not implemented on this version. This version selects and draw gml files randomly from the web or from a tags folder. For a smart person it should be easy to add mouse support. The code is also prepared to support multitouch so, it should be easy to implement TUIO and create your multitouch version.
– Use ‘r’ key to randomly fetch a new tag from the website and if available it will draw it on the screen.
– Use the GUI window to pick any tag from the folder “tags” inside data folder.

Where can i get it?
– Right here: Windows Version | MacOSX Version