Balance is a permanent interactive installation created in collaboration with Onformative and Held Studios for the Deutsches Museum in Munich.

As it is known to all, balance is everything, in the universe. Without balance all systems tend to fail and break down.
With this idea in mind this installation gives the user the power to bring chaos or harmony to a representative digital sound sculpture based on simple physics. Using a multitouch surface one can disturb it’s stability and learn what the universe is about.. Balance.

(from Onformative)
Dr. med. Dagmar Kubitza, Dr. med. Frank Misselwitz, Dr. rer. nat. Elisabeth Perzborn, working at Bayer HealthCare, won the prize for identifying the agent Rivaroxaban which reduces the risk of thrombosis. More about their invention and a better explanation can be found at the “German Future Prize” website.

“The exhibition itself tells the story of the 10 most recent awarded projects using different media terminals and provides information on the goals of the Federal President’s Award and underscores its special role as an award presented by the president of the Federal Republic of Germany and supported by the sciences and industry. Because the exhibition shows only the 10 most recent award-winning projects, a media station is on hand with information on the earlier winners.”

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