"Load and render 3d studio .3ds files with your java applications, including processing sketches. Uses JOGL."

Original code by Matts Byggmastar.








Javadoc - (available inside the package)


Version 1.2.2
Version 1.2
Version 1.1
Version 1.0


Vitamin (only for some examples)


Look into the 'examples' folder.


* Version 1.2.2 released. CHANGELOG.txt available in the package.
* (V3dsScene) Added transparency to the materials. transparency (opacity in 3ds) value is used as alpha channel of the diffuse color.
* (V3dsScene) Implemented light class. List of available lights from getLights(), etc.;
* (Scene3ds) Implemented new chunk for material transparency.
* (V3dsScene) Implemented camera class. List of available cameras from getCameras(), etc.;

* New constructor and drawing methods created. These new methods take a GL object as parameter. Useful for eclipse users.

* Version 1.2 released.
* Moved data structures into the library.
* V3dsScene is now the object you should use to load/draw your scene to the screen. Look into the examples.

* Version 1.1 released.
* I have wrapped the 3ds loading/rendering in a V3DSScene class. Rendering uses fixed pipeline. Should be much easier for beginners to work with.

* Library release.

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