Math for processing

My own math library for processing. It includes 3 and 4 dimensional vectors, 4×4 matrices and quaternions

These are part of my processing graphics renderer. I plan on releasing it sometime this year. Its a limited port of my graphics engine codename Chaos. But that is another story for another time. Enjoy!

Download here

Effect: Trail

A few days ago i visited Mathieu Badimon’s website and i found myself playing with one effect he made for Five3D website. The trail effect.

It’s a pretty simple effect but he made it go further, he created it using his own 3d framework for Adobe Flash and has a particular thing that I like a lot. The drawing in perspective and that simple but incredible sweet pass over the top plane.

Well I had to give it a try and after fiddling around the web and talking to some people I’ve created a version of his effect. By all means, i release this code to the public with Mathieu’s authorization, even if its my code, it was his idea in the first place.

Note: There are two versions of this effect available. 1st uses Five3D, 2nd using only flash.

I’m working on a version that uses Sandy3D for rendering. It will soon be available, meanwhile you can download other versions and play around.

Download it here.


You can find a Sandy3D example of this effect here. What i do is just the same as the simple version. Draw into a sprite object and attach this to the material used in a plane polygon. Sandy converts vectordata into a bitmap, so things didnt came up as i expected.

Download here.