Sunflower by VS*.
Presented on big screen at Main Demoparty 2008

An effect that made a video that made a little demo.
To the one [special] in my life.

the music track is Parks from Four Tet.
programming was made by myself.

it was made using processing and it does run in realtime too. for those who enjoy executables, here you go:

Windows realtime version.
Macintosh realtime version.


Me and S* wanted to try something different to participate in a contest about sound generation, so this is what we came up with, [We.are.in.Helsinki].

The idea was to produce soundscapes & ambiances using wave generators and sampled toy sounds. Its engine works by using magnectic fields, attraction & repulsive force fields that we call “activator” & “holders”, it creates sounds when this two forces react to eachother. Activator as the names says activates the sound of each of the “holders”. Its a pretty simple idea but works pretty well in our opinion.

[We.are.in.Helsinki] was created for Phonurgia 2008. Its a sound creation contest from France. Be sure to check it out.

Windows version.
Macintosh version.


A/Q – Add/Remove attraction sound fields
R – Resets the system
ESC – Quit application
Click and hold left mouse button on the “activator” to move. Interact as you like and create your own “attractiv” ambiances.


There is a new version that allows you to move everything on the screen, generators, samplers & activator. you can change frequencies for each generator aswell and also the range of activation. It will be presented this december.


We from VS* on Vimeo.

‘We’ was presented at Inercia Demoparty 2008.
music by Seilou & Seiteta, programming was done by myself.

Windows realtime version.
Macintosh realtime version