Sunflower by VS*.
Presented on big screen at Main Demoparty 2008

An effect that made a video that made a little demo.
To the one [special] in my life.

the music track is Parks from Four Tet.
programming was made by myself.

it was made using processing and it does run in realtime too. for those who enjoy executables, here you go:

Windows realtime version.
Macintosh realtime version.

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  1. AKEric

    Very nice. I’ve been wanting to do glow effects in Processing for some time, but as of yet have found no great resource. Do you mind sharing how you accomplished what you did there? Beautiful stuff.

  2. victormartins

    yes ofcourse. there was a tutorial on how to use different blend modes in processing somewhere (at flight404 iirc), but i’ll just explain how you do it.

    you have to get a reference to the opengl (JOGL) GL object and then use direct calls to opengl to set an additive blend mode.

    void draw()
    GL gl = ((PGraphicsOpenGL)parent.g).beginGL();

    // sets additive blending based on source alpha.
    gl.glBlendFunc( GL.GL_SRC_ALPHA, GL.GL_ONE );

    // render your objects using direct opengl calls here
    // …


    // render your objects using processing methods here
    // …

    // restore alpha blend mode
    GL gl = ((PGraphicsOpenGL)parent.g).beginGL();

  3. suninsea

    Hi V !

    sorry about my English …

    I and my girl friend like your great work “sunflower” very much ! It’s
    very beautiful !!

    Next week , We are throwing a party to celebrate our engagement. We expect to use a visual program base on “sunflower” as an important part in our party.

    I know a little processing , and we want to make some modify on
    “sunflower” to celebrate our engagement , so we hope we could request
    or buy the source code of “sunflower” … If it is not too expensive
    (we are still students 🙂 , and we will return the modify source code
    to you just like a open source rule.

    This party is very important for us , we all like your “sunflower” very much !

    Thank you for your help !

    I can’t send email to “nospam.vic@pixelnerve.com” , could you give me the email you are using , thank you very much!

  4. victormartins

    hi suninsea. thank you for your kind words. as for the email, its vic@pixelnerve.com. just remove the “nospam.” part.
    email me so we can talk about it and congratulations for your engagement

  1. hmm.candles - Mar 21st, 2009
  2. Sunflower source code - Aug 27th, 2009

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