Me and S* wanted to try something different to participate in a contest about sound generation, so this is what we came up with, [We.are.in.Helsinki].

The idea was to produce soundscapes & ambiances using wave generators and sampled toy sounds. Its engine works by using magnectic fields, attraction & repulsive force fields that we call “activator” & “holders”, it creates sounds when this two forces react to eachother. Activator as the names says activates the sound of each of the “holders”. Its a pretty simple idea but works pretty well in our opinion.

[We.are.in.Helsinki] was created for Phonurgia 2008. Its a sound creation contest from France. Be sure to check it out.

Windows version.
Macintosh version.


A/Q – Add/Remove attraction sound fields
R – Resets the system
ESC – Quit application
Click and hold left mouse button on the “activator” to move. Interact as you like and create your own “attractiv” ambiances.


There is a new version that allows you to move everything on the screen, generators, samplers & activator. you can change frequencies for each generator aswell and also the range of activation. It will be presented this december.

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