Fur v0.1x


Fur experiment on the gpu. I have found a paper on the internet speaking about fur-rendering, i fount it to be easy so i wanted to give it a try. I believe the paper can be found at ATI’s website. Works pretty well. Next step is adding forces to improve the fur animation (it already animates if you look closely).

Jellyfish v0.3

A test to make jellyfish forms made of billboarding texture blending and sine ribbons. camera follows a random picked fish. I shall work on this one since the movement isnt that much complex even it its just a representation of reality and not a real simulation. Also the camera motion should be fixed. This is just a zero-version, there should be a much better version later.. someday.

Growivy v0.3

This became a visual for a sequencer idea i had. i was playing with Tactu5 and ended up creating ribbons and doing some synth and this is a first acceptable result.. for now=)

Tactu5 visualized

I was playing with a sequencer called Tactu5 and i ended up creating a visual effect to see the how midi notes and Minim synth worked together. I’ve also added some LFO’s to modulate the waves, but thats a different story. This is a screenie of what i came up with.

A minimal look with a centered alien ball that grows tentacles as notes play and based on their frequency. the up-growing are based on a pinknoise. Well it’s still just an idea but it might turn into something good.

We shall wait and see.