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2 days ago i found a website that had a rolling ball made with AS(flash), so i thought, why dont i try [We.are.in.Helsinki] as a 3D application, balls rolling around and all that? That would be fun, and it might get some attention to the art scene – it could or maybe not.. worth a try and there is nothing good on tv, maybe a 3rd dimension will help – i thought.  So  i spent some time working and here is a first working version of [WAIH,3D] (might contain obvious bugs and unattractive features but what tha hell):




New versions might come out. I have few ideas for this project, so i believe i will be digging more into it sooner or later. Some better physics comes to mind, some more visual effects, adding human body interaction, maybe multi touch integration. I just need to try out some ideas and see which ones get to see the daylight. Meanwhile rejoy with it, its fun to play and it has source code available for the more creative ones =)

.3ds loader for java/processing (new version)

After working with the MRI library, i’ve contacted him since i wanted to add material chunk support to its library. The email he sent me, had a link to Swizle-Studios where can be found a new version of his library with what i have asked for and a new and updated version of the documentation. Below you will find a link  to a new version of MRI-V3DS library for processing along with an updated version of one of my examples, v4. Documentation is also included in the zip file

Homepage | Get the newest version here.

new version includes all the old v4 sample did with some minor changes:
. added a materials and textures pool where i put all the data. then i use the material id to fetch for the correct material&texture.
. added a “color_only_no_texture” shader for any models that dont have textures or simply cant load them.

NOTE! every mesh must have a material associated to it. this examples dont support default materials. but you can easily handle that for yourself in you really want it.


.3ds loader for java/processing

Happy new year 2009

I’ve wanted to load 3d data into my processing projects before, so i wrote a simple obj loader with multiple groups, something that no other library supported at that time. It was simple and had bugs but it worked quite good for what i needed. So after sometime i needed more data for my models but i was too lazy to port my Chaos 3dsmax exporter called Chucky. So, i have  searched the web and i found MRI‘s old java port of his 3ds loader. I still remember his demos and its tutorials back  in the old days… Great coder, miss those days.

Anyway, i’ve downloaded his library and placed in it the processing library’s folder and *poof*, i had a 3ds loader to work with. And it has alot of cool features.

3d model from http://www.punkuser.net.
Library credits go to MRI.

In the package i’ve included an example project that renders simply vertex and wireframe face data. It should be easy for anyone with some knowledge to take the documentation and render a full textured/lit’ed scenario. If not, just you wait until i get a new example to put in the pack

Homepage: http://www.pixelnerve.com/processing/libraries/mri3ds
(old) Download MRI 3DS Loader + Processing Examples
(Tested in Processing 1.0.1)


3ds files dont store face/vertex normals, so i had to compute them myself. ive uploaded updates to the same zip file.

. face+vertex normal calculation (vertex by averaging face normals)
. no smoothing groups used.
. normals debugging
. renders meshes with texture+solid faces.
. mouse+camera control
. extra code from Vitamin