Nothing’s demos

ahhh nostalgia. Tonight after work and after playing around with some code i got bored and found myself in my demogroup’s FTP. So i spent some time checking out what i had accumulated all this years and i cleaned it up. There was lots of dead stuff in there. In between i found the videos of my old demos and since i didnt have anything better to do i downloaded them all and started watching. Oh man, now that was fun! I just love Flytrap, Harmony, Underscore, DP, S, Stay… Unfortunately i couldn’t get my MS-DOS demos to work. Wish i could, i have some funny stuff there.

Anyway, i just took those videos and i have uploaded some of my favourites to vimeo’s account. I believe it’s a good place to keep record of some of the oldies, so check it out if you’re in the mood.


This is a class i’ve made to render ribbons in 2d (planes) and in 3d (cilinders). It’s based in my framework and processing, so you might need some work to get it to compile. No example, no executable, just source code.

get class here

Shaderlib v0.1

This library is meant for shader handling, it will help you to load and setup shaders for rendering in jogl/processing. It’s  does exactly what had been said, no more.

web: http://www.pixelnerve.com/processing/libraries/


tested in windows xp 32bit
compiled for j1.5 ( so it should work for macs )

what is does:
– loads glsl/cg shaders
– loads cgfx effect files
– connects to processing easily (as i use processing)
– works with java/jogl just as good

more information:
– documentation is online (javadoc. not much comments sorry)
– examples are in the zipfile
– source code is in the zipfile (eclipse project)

hmm3.2 (the architect)

Last weekend i was watching tv and there was this scene where there was a fly-by a plane and a city was being built just in front of you and after sometime the camera would look back and there it was. The big and awesome city that i can’t find the name. So i thought to myself, i should try and play the architect myself… Here’s some results:


I have done a couple of jobs using ribbons but never got to make something i’ve always found pleasing to me eyes. I’ve seen over the web some guys creating interesting applications for this kind of generative “art”, its pretty used these days and it should, and just like i said a while ago, its beautiful; its very beautiful; things grow. I love to see things grow, and what kind of things grow? how do they grow? i don’t know, but its in my todo-list to find out and use that to upgrade this piece. I want it to have variations, different growing rates, different species and mix it all together and bring something good looking, good enough for realtime and appealing. Hopefully i won’t get bored before i achieve all this. Anyway here’s something i just did. awkward part: i’ve taken a 3d effect and converted it to 2d. uhmm i wonder why?

( this is the updated version of the effect. new scene with more growing things )