I have done a couple of jobs using ribbons but never got to make something i’ve always found pleasing to me eyes. I’ve seen over the web some guys creating interesting applications for this kind of generative “art”, its pretty used these days and it should, and just like i said a while ago, its beautiful; its very beautiful; things grow. I love to see things grow, and what kind of things grow? how do they grow? i don’t know, but its in my todo-list to find out and use that to upgrade this piece. I want it to have variations, different growing rates, different species and mix it all together and bring something good looking, good enough for realtime and appealing. Hopefully i won’t get bored before i achieve all this. Anyway here’s something i just did. awkward part: i’ve taken a 3d effect and converted it to 2d. uhmm i wonder why?

( this is the updated version of the effect. new scene with more growing things )

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