hmm.Daft Punk – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

came to work, daft punk was playing, i was browsing my hd and opening projects. at some moment i opened this nebulado project which never satisfied me before and for my surprise it reacted quite nice to the track that was playing (Daft Punk – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger), so i fired up Fraps and captured a video.

a smoother version was created which starts slower and builds up progressively, but i prefer this one

track by daft punk.

Old processing stuff

Didnt want to forget about some of the the old shit i’ve done using processing, so i thought i should post it here.  Audio-reactive Landscapes, 3D Tunnels, Cel-Shading, SineWave Additive, 3D Planes, and more..

More info + source: http://www.pixelnerve.com/p5/

Vitamin 0.5

If you ever wondered why the examples and/or source code in this page does not compile on its own, this is for you.  Meet Vitamin, download it, place it in the processing libraries folder and everything should be ok to run the examples from any of my work.

Version 0.5: www.pixelnerve.com/downloads/processing/vitamin_0_5.zip


Just got back from #offf festival. Some great stuff, some not so great, some disappointing stuff and some impressive stuff. It was worth it.

practice good design

Soft particles

Experimenting with ‘soft particles’.