Happy birthday VS*

VS* is now one year old.

Happy birthday

a gift to you


GPU clean water study for an installation.
Original code/idea by Humus.

Sidescroll, prototype.

Sidescroll. This is a small clip of a project i started last year, and haven’t got back to it since then. It’s sitting in my hd, waiting for some motivation and will (anyone?). Anyway, I wanted to make something different from my other stuff, something that looked good and had no fancy 3d, even if i used 3d meshes (which i do as “flowers”) and was based on simple scrolling and that had a sunset-like look. So this is what i got  I have some new ideas for this one, some new pieces to put in and lots of rewriting so it sits on top of my framework and get rid of old and bad code. Anyway i thought i would publish this video as a prototype and hopefully i’ll get the finale somewhere along this year and ready for a demoparty.

PS. If you are a 2d artist and would love to contribute for this, you know where to find me.