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Realtime clouds
(hmm.Cloud Rendering)

hmm.Motion Blur as a Post Processing Effect

One more ‘hmm’ series experiment.

Motion Blur as a Post Processing Effect.

This is based on an article from GPU Gems 3, which basically takes the motion for each pixel and computes a velocity from the difference with the previous position to sample the rendered scene texture and compute the final color. It works only for camera movement, meaning, if the camera does not move but you have a moving/rotating object in front of you the effect won’t apply.

This two videos shows camera lookat point motion, meaning it randomly looks at different points every second, and the second video shows a camera spinning around a sphere objectwith increasing velocity to reach a maximum blur state. Both are using camera motion as i stated it’s important, anyway, it should give an idea of the effect.

Source code available here


Here is a new experiment. This time Terrain rendering and Countless blades of waving grass.

The terrain is an heightmap loaded from an image and it is textured on gpu based on simple rules like height, slope and steep.

The grass is based on the article “Rendering Countless Blades of Waving Grass” from GPU gems. The animation is per-object, a sin/cos wave makes it flow with the wind.

SMSlib – send/receive sms messages on your computer

Hi, I had forgotten about something i was playing with a while ago. First, let me tell you a little story.
Idea: I wanted to be able to give some control to the viewer  over an installation idea i’m working on where the viewer could post messages that would interact with/change the rest of the scenery. First idea that came up was to use Twitter, but that would not be too friendly, since some people just don’t use twitter (yes, they are out there) and more than some don’t tweet through phones, so i kept searching for alternatives.

I read  an article about SMSlib at Bryan Chung’s and  so i went looking for it willing to give it a try. It took me quite a bit to get around it, but i got it working. I have wrapped a library for processing users and made a sketch from chung’s example.

I take no credit for this, only if it saves you from headaches.

SMSlib processing library + example


Copy the library to processing libraries folder and everything should be ok. You will need to connect a compatible phone to your computer.

hmm.Sshhhh (MD5 file format loader)

After getting MD5 files (Doom 3) to load correctly i wanted to make something simple and nice to show the world, so i came up with this. I think i have dreamt of this before.

based on md5 reader