OpenCL 4 Java & Processing

I finally took  the time to play with OpenCL. I was motivated by the particle example from Rui Madeira. After speaking with him, he gave me a few other links on more examples like Memo Akten‘s 1.000.000 particles running with mouse interaction on the GPU, the very NVidia’s first OpenCL application example, etc. I was intriged!  So i took the day to play with OpenCL4Java and ported Rui’s example to Java running on Processing’s IDE.  I’ve tested it with a Intel Quad core and i found the Rui’s sample to crash with GTX280 videocard. I didn’t gave it much thought but it might be for that for-loop in the program on the particle-particle iteration. In the other hand, Memo’s example ran easily on the gpu side. I should have made an example of mine, but it was easier to just port their examples and get things running. That was the main goal.

I have only tested this under Windows XP 64bit with ATI Stream SDK and Nvidia drivers. If you find any problem, please report.
One other thing: Memo’s example isn’t the real thing. It’s simply the CL program. So you won’t be able to get all the fuzzy million particles around. Not yet.

Library/Examples available here: http://victamin.googlecode.com/files/OpenCL4Java_1b.zip

Installation steps:
1. Copy the library to processing’s libraries folder
2. Install ATI Stream SDK (i have packed the OpenCL.dll file, still you might have to install the whole pack). If you’re using Nvidia, install the OpenCL drivers and toolkit
3. Open the example and run it.

Enjoy and have fun!

MovieGL – Rendering movies with JOGL in Java/Processing

I have tested most of the libraries available for processing able to render video files, but i never was happy. Either it became slow, unstable or just crashing. I wanted something better, so i went looking into JMF (Java Media Framework).

During my research i came across this Pirelenito’s website with a great example on using FOBS+JMF, exactly what i needed. So i  downloaded it and started working on it, putting into it a bit of myself.

So here it is, a first pre-beta version of a library capable of rendering movie files (with sound) with Java/Processing without much effort.

NOTE! I’m still having problems with a couple of codecs like DivX, Xvid, H264. It crashes on me when rendering some of these, but it works just fine for Mpeg4, PhotoJPEG, Cinepak. It isn’t perfect, but if you be careful and use the right format/codec it will go smooth. Meanwhile i will be working on a better version.

Website: www.pixelnerve.com/processing/libraries/moviegl
Library Package(s) at: :  http://code.google.com/p/victamin/downloads/list

Have fun!

Credits goto Pirelenito. Thanks for sharing.

Hyphema.Live @ MadeiraDig 2007 (memories)

Excerpts from the HYPHEMA audiovisual concert held at Casa das Mudas Arts Center on December 8th 2007 for the Madeira DIG Festival 2007.
This is the first DVD and live performance, published by Pixelnerve. It acts upon a musician and a visual artists that interact together using audio feed and realtime audio-reactive visuals. A project created by myself and Jerome Faria in 2007. Offical Website at hyphema.pixelnerve.com

Oh, such good memories.


Winterbreathe, presented at Mainparty in Arles, France.  This demo was presented in the hugescreen compo, a display of 3000m^2 on the roof of the party place. It was awesome to watch it in such conditions. awesome! awesome!
became 5th in the results. blaah

Download from scene.org

Taxesss from Nothing

So here it is, new demo is out! It’s called Taxesss from Nothing and it was released at Mainparty this year. This demo started as an idea from my good friend and work colleague, ps, who usually watches my experiments in first hand. After watching some of the stuff you can see in my vimeo account, he came out with this piece for a grindcore jazz track from The Lost Gorbachevs. After handing him all the sources, he started building the demo while i was working on my own idea. Well, it turns out Taxesss is out and has been quite well accepted by the alternative parties, and my own project is still waiting to come out.. Hope you enjoy this piece.

You can download the demos from scene.org.

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