OpenCL 4 Java & Processing

I finally took  the time to play with OpenCL. I was motivated by the particle example from Rui Madeira. After speaking with him, he gave me a few other links on more examples like Memo Akten‘s 1.000.000 particles running with mouse interaction on the GPU, the very NVidia’s first OpenCL application example, etc. I was intriged!  So i took the day to play with OpenCL4Java and ported Rui’s example to Java running on Processing’s IDE.  I’ve tested it with a Intel Quad core and i found the Rui’s sample to crash with GTX280 videocard. I didn’t gave it much thought but it might be for that for-loop in the program on the particle-particle iteration. In the other hand, Memo’s example ran easily on the gpu side. I should have made an example of mine, but it was easier to just port their examples and get things running. That was the main goal.

I have only tested this under Windows XP 64bit with ATI Stream SDK and Nvidia drivers. If you find any problem, please report.
One other thing: Memo’s example isn’t the real thing. It’s simply the CL program. So you won’t be able to get all the fuzzy million particles around. Not yet.

Library/Examples available here: http://victamin.googlecode.com/files/OpenCL4Java_1b.zip

Installation steps:
1. Copy the library to processing’s libraries folder
2. Install ATI Stream SDK (i have packed the OpenCL.dll file, still you might have to install the whole pack). If you’re using Nvidia, install the OpenCL drivers and toolkit
3. Open the example and run it.

Enjoy and have fun!

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  1. tweakingknobs

    Wuhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu !!!

    this rocks man , i think lotsa peopple would have posted if they needed not to register, anyway , is there a way a newby like me can feel the power of processing and openGL ?

    Thanx and pleqse keep it up !!!

  2. tweakingknobs

    ooops , i gues those instalation stpes answer my question right ? ill try it thanx !!!