JavaCL, the new OpenCL4Java

I have noticed that OpenCL4Java is on version 1.4beta by now and that my examples were crashing when running on a GPU device. Today i took the time to do something about it. I have downloaded the new version and have updated the examples to run with 1.4beta. Everything seems to work just fine now, if you have a different opinion, please do let me know.

Download: http://victamin.googlecode.com/files/JavaCL_1_4b.zip

Have fun!

Sunflower @ Smashing Magazine

Sunflower was featured in the last edition of Smashing Magazine as part of the article “Beautiful Motion Graphics Created With Programming”. Sunflower is a world of light created as a runaway into the unreal. It a visualization of harmony found among two people that together, share and live no matter what the distance is between them. Happy valentine’s, Sunflower!

For more information about the project, look further down the spiral: Official Release | Source code released