Function2Form is a work created for The Viewer, an online magazine focused on photography and video.

Function2Form is a work on form and shape generation from the subdivision of space and image analysis. It has no rules other than the creation/deformation of limited space. It’s a study on photography. It’s a random case of geometry generation and a study of differences for different parameters and areas. Based on randomness i would say these are unique and lost generated pieces of a kind.

Created with a custom framework for scene generation and 3dsmax for the rendering.

Note: For the complete series, check out The Viewer #5

Monologue Muet – Outside projection

This is the outside projection for Monologue Muet exhibition, a photography work by Sue Elie Andrade De.
Based on her video called The Rain, i have created the outside projection with response to physical properties, like doors and windows.