MSAOpenCL for Java and Processing

Recently I have been doing some work with OpenCL and i found myself messing up with old code and re-writing most of it .  At first it was interesting and quite funny but no more, so,  I thought it was time to make things easier for myself and just make things reusable by creating a wrapper which would wrap most of the boring and time-consuming parts. This would be a wrapper on OpenCL for Java and/or Processing. Well, a well known guy named Mehmet “Memo” Akten has done such a wrapper in C++ for the OpenFrameworks and Cinder libraries. I have ported it  to Java.

There are some problems with reading/writing from/to GL textures. For some reason it crashes on me. I have been working with JavaCL‘s author, so hopefully it will be working soon.

:: Download

Download it, install it and try it.
If you find any problems or if you have suggestions, let me know.

Have fun.

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