Kinect Disintegrates

Another of my recent experiments with the kinect. As i keep wanting to play with particles running on the GPU i thought i would make it much more fun to play with and connect it with the Kinect. I came up with this. A million particles makes the user and disintegrates as time goes by. Actually, it looks like a man made of sand. Have a look:

This is how it all started:

Kinect Cloth Simulation

During my christmas holidays i had time to spare and some ideas to develop, so with all the party-feeling and booze i started working on the one i wanted the most. This is a cloth simulation running on the CPU which you can interact with using the kinect. With the 3d information from the kinect i’m able to change the cloth in some cool ways. The most interesting is plain and simple, offset each connection point by the depth at that point. With that done i had to go with the visual side (fun fun!), so i started playing with per-pixel lighting and some cool patterns.

Then added self-shadowing to the mixture and some color control just for the fun and looks of it.

In the end i thought it would be nice to take my carpet out to clean. Happy holidays!

OpenNI Block of Code

OpenNI, a library created by PrimeSense. It’s quite famous for its ability to use the Kinect to track users and feed us with a usable skeleton per user. Since i wanted to give this a try and play around with the skeleton tracking i had to have this. So i did. In the end i ended up with a wrapper around this API. It’s open-source and available to everyone. Its not perfect and needs work and more features, but it’s just a start. Use it at your own risk and with your favourite creative framework. It’s possible.

You can find it at github.

CgFX Block of Code

I have been doing more and more work away from java/processing so i had to bring some tools with me to help and improve development time. One of my favourite shader languages is CgFX, a brother of HLSL. I spend alot of time using this for my shader programming, so i wrapped it up in a simple to use block of code that should be easy to use with your favourite framework.

You can find it at github.