hmm3.2 (the architect)

Last weekend i was watching tv and there was this scene where there was a fly-by a plane and a city was being built just in front of you and after sometime the camera would look back and there it was. The big and awesome city that i can’t find the name. So i thought to myself, i should try and play the architect myself… Here’s some results:


I have done a couple of jobs using ribbons but never got to make something i’ve always found pleasing to me eyes. I’ve seen over the web some guys creating interesting applications for this kind of generative “art”, its pretty used these days and it should, and just like i said a while ago, its beautiful; its very beautiful; things grow. I love to see things grow, and what kind of things grow? how do they grow? i don’t know, but its in my todo-list to find out and use that to upgrade this piece. I want it to have variations, different growing rates, different species and mix it all together and bring something good looking, good enough for realtime and appealing. Hopefully i won’t get bored before i achieve all this. Anyway here’s something i just did. awkward part: i’ve taken a 3d effect and converted it to 2d. uhmm i wonder why?

( this is the updated version of the effect. new scene with more growing things )


for my fishie.

Effect: Trail

A few days ago i visited Mathieu Badimon’s website and i found myself playing with one effect he made for Five3D website. The trail effect.

It’s a pretty simple effect but he made it go further, he created it using his own 3d framework for Adobe Flash and has a particular thing that I like a lot. The drawing in perspective and that simple but incredible sweet pass over the top plane.

Well I had to give it a try and after fiddling around the web and talking to some people I’ve created a version of his effect. By all means, i release this code to the public with Mathieu’s authorization, even if its my code, it was his idea in the first place.

Note: There are two versions of this effect available. 1st uses Five3D, 2nd using only flash.

I’m working on a version that uses Sandy3D for rendering. It will soon be available, meanwhile you can download other versions and play around.

Download it here.


You can find a Sandy3D example of this effect here. What i do is just the same as the simple version. Draw into a sprite object and attach this to the material used in a plane polygon. Sandy converts vectordata into a bitmap, so things didnt came up as i expected.

Download here.