I have recently released at inércia Demoparty, a gift i made for Sue. It started as a christmas gift that would express myself and ofcourse keep me from following everybody else to the local shop and spend my money on something  made by others.

There is no executable this time, as i don’t know if i can spread the music, still, nobody can stop me  (for the moment) from giving you a video. So here it is, Float.


Winterbreathe, presented at Mainparty in Arles, France.  This demo was presented in the hugescreen compo, a display of 3000m^2 on the roof of the party place. It was awesome to watch it in such conditions. awesome! awesome!
became 5th in the results. blaah

Download from scene.org

Taxesss from Nothing

So here it is, new demo is out! It’s called Taxesss from Nothing and it was released at Mainparty this year. This demo started as an idea from my good friend and work colleague, ps, who usually watches my experiments in first hand. After watching some of the stuff you can see in my vimeo account, he came out with this piece for a grindcore jazz track from The Lost Gorbachevs. After handing him all the sources, he started building the demo while i was working on my own idea. Well, it turns out Taxesss is out and has been quite well accepted by the alternative parties, and my own project is still waiting to come out.. Hope you enjoy this piece.

You can download the demos from scene.org.

Mac OSX | Windows

Sunflower source code

After releasing Deep’s source code, i thought to myself i could also release an old production of mine, Sunflower.
Sunflower is a visual non-interactive application a.k.a. demo, feat. music from Four Tet.


Watch Sunflower

Download source code

Hope you enjoy it