Kinect Disintegrates

Another of my recent experiments with the kinect. As i keep wanting to play with particles running on the GPU i thought i would make it much more fun to play with and connect it with the Kinect. I came up with this. A million particles makes the user and disintegrates as time goes by. Actually, it looks like a man made of sand. Have a look:

This is how it all started:

Kinect Cloth Simulation

During my christmas holidays i had time to spare and some ideas to develop, so with all the party-feeling and booze i started working on the one i wanted the most. This is a cloth simulation running on the CPU which you can interact with using the kinect. With the 3d information from the kinect i’m able to change the cloth in some cool ways. The most interesting is plain and simple, offset each connection point by the depth at that point. With that done i had to go with the visual side (fun fun!), so i started playing with per-pixel lighting and some cool patterns.

Then added self-shadowing to the mixture and some color control just for the fun and looks of it.

In the end i thought it would be nice to take my carpet out to clean. Happy holidays!

CLNUI 4 Java (Kinect)

Kinect is a new product from Microsoft for XBox360. With an RGB camera, a 3D depth sensor (structured IR light) and  a multi-array microphone , it is able to compute a depth map, something very interesting for the interactive world of creativity and gaming. Nothing new as technology, but still, interesting and cheap. Since its release people have been trying to work in order to hack it and get it to work with windows and mac OS. Quite a few people have been working on drivers and a way to hack the gadget to get access to the color/depth data. One of these people is called Alex from Code Laboratories, the man behind the PS3eye camera drivers for PC’s. Recently, he released a new package (C and C#) that includes drivers and SDK for Kinect. I took the SDK and with  JNA i wrote a library for java that wraps the original one and also tries to make its use easy for starters.

A very early release is available http://victamin.googlecode.com/files/CLNUI4J_01.zip. This might or might not work out-of-the-box and it sure needs improvement and more work, but as they say, release early, release often. This package includes the library and basic examples running on Eclipse IDE and processing IDE (untested). It is known that this library does not work directly with Processing.

EDIT! Version 0.2 is now available at: http://victamin.googlecode.com/files/CLNUI4J_02.zip.
You can now find a friendly wrapper and a couple of examples to get you started.

I would love to get some feedback, so if you’re a Kinect owner and you’re into java/processing, give it a  spin and let me know how it works out for you.

Have fun.