Get FFT with FMOD 5

This is relevant code to get FFT data with FMOD 5.

hmm.Daft Punk – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

came to work, daft punk was playing, i was browsing my hd and opening projects. at some moment i opened this nebulado project which never satisfied me before and for my surprise it reacted quite nice to the track that was playing (Daft Punk – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger), so i fired up Fraps and captured a video.

a smoother version was created which starts slower and builds up progressively, but i prefer this one

track by daft punk.


Another ‘hmm’ series experiment. Pick-up/generate an object of your desire and compute distance from a center point to the every vertex. use that distance for the transformations. I used the usual spike ball since its an uniform/symetric object, but it works fine with other shapes. Now, go be creative.

track: NNY – bdybag.

Nothing’s demos

ahhh nostalgia. Tonight after work and after playing around with some code i got bored and found myself in my demogroup’s FTP. So i spent some time checking out what i had accumulated all this years and i cleaned it up. There was lots of dead stuff in there. In between i found the videos of my old demos and since i didnt have anything better to do i downloaded them all and started watching. Oh man, now that was fun! I just love Flytrap, Harmony, Underscore, DP, S, Stay… Unfortunately i couldn’t get my MS-DOS demos to work. Wish i could, i have some funny stuff there.

Anyway, i just took those videos and i have uploaded some of my favourites to vimeo’s account. I believe it’s a good place to keep record of some of the oldies, so check it out if you’re in the mood.

hmm3.2 (the architect)

Last weekend i was watching tv and there was this scene where there was a fly-by a plane and a city was being built just in front of you and after sometime the camera would look back and there it was. The big and awesome city that i can’t find the name. So i thought to myself, i should try and play the architect myself… Here’s some results: