Missing Sensor enums from Android NDK

Some missing and useful enums from android NDK:

Server crash and recovery

My previous webserver provider had a major crash and pushed me back to an old backup somewhere around 2011. I’ve been able to recover posts from WordPress App. Fortunately it did not sync with the website so i was able to retrieve most of the information and re-post.

Unfortunately the /portfolio section is lost. No matter, i will build more.

I’ve moved to a new and hopefully better service now, so hopefully we’re back in business.

Video: Cerberus Gun

Software I use

I was thinking about better ways to organize my work and life and how fragmented everything was. I store information & data in many different places it’s easy to lose track. I don’t really feel organized and secure. Back in the days I would have a document (or multiple) with everything in it and a folder per section. This was not the best way of course, but atleast it gave me a good feeling about myself, and it worked (i still do this to some level). After building up the list I noticed one thing. Not really much of an issue. All was in my head, I don’t really use that much software to keep track of. It just feels different. At the end i’ve ended up writing down more than organization software and more about everything software.

This is a list of software that i use on a daily basis for both personal & professional projects (no special order)

Last update on: 18 of September 2016

  • Visual Studio / XCode / Emscripten ( Code )
  • Visual Assist X ( VS Addon )
  • Entrain Inline Watch ( VS Addon )
  • VSColorOutput ( VS Addon )
  • Sublime Text ( Text editing )
  • Renderdoc / AMD PerfStudio / NVidia NSight ( Profiling/Debugging )
  • Trello ( Notes, ideas, organisation and planning )
  • Slack ( Team work / management )
  • Total Commander / Disk Order ( File management and browsing )
  • Greenshot ( Screenshots on Windows )
  • Karabiner ( Mapping keys )
  • SmoothMouse ( Fix mouse motion on OS X )
  • Witch ( Wwitching between windows a la Windows OS )
  • HyperDock ( Aplication’s windows management )
  • Dropbox ( Data storage & backup )
  • Smartgit / Sourcetree ( Source control )
  • Skype ( Live chat and voice calls )
  • Pocket ( Read it later/bookmarking )
  • Feedly ( RSS feeds )
  • Google Docs ( Document sharing )
  • IrfanView ( Image visualisation )
  • Photoshop
  • Paint .NET ( Image manipulation )
  • DDS Viewer ( DDS files viewer for Windows )