Light Probes

Encontro Nacional com Prefeitos e Prefeitas

Another project with Formiga Design. Politics meet technology.

Coca-Cola 70th Mapping

For the last couple months i’ve been working with Formiga Design helping with a couple of projects. One of these projects was a mapping scenario for Coca Cola’s 70th anniversary with both real-time and pre-rendered content. Here is a video presenting some of the goodies that made up the day & night.

Kinect Cloth Simulation

During my christmas holidays i had time to spare and some ideas to develop, so with all the party-feeling and booze i started working on the one i wanted the most. This is a cloth simulation running on the CPU which you can interact with using the kinect. With the 3d information from the kinect i’m able to change the cloth in some cool ways. The most interesting is plain and simple, offset each connection point by the depth at that point. With that done i had to go with the visual side (fun fun!), so i started playing with per-pixel lighting and some cool patterns.

Then added self-shadowing to the mixture and some color control just for the fun and looks of it.

In the end i thought it would be nice to take my carpet out to clean. Happy holidays!


DroidTUIO is my first application made for Android OS. It was created for OS version 2.1+  with OpenGL ES renderer. This application is available to the public as i hope to get feedback, so please, spare a few minutes and let me know how it worked out for you. Now.. on with the application.  First thing you need to do is to run the application and then press MENU/Settings. Enter your network IP and press connect. Once connected, use your phone to send TUIO events (2dcursor only for the moment). Have fun.

Update! The link has been removed as the application was removed from online. I will get a new link ASAP.