Light Probes

Chrome on mobile

Chrome doesn’t support Depth Textures on Android. Chrome supports Depth Textures on iOS. Firefox supports Depth Textures on Android….

Missing Sensor enums from Android NDK

Some missing and useful enums from android NDK:

Screenshots: Helmet

Screenshot 2014-12-11 17.53.0

Screenshot 2014-12-11 17.20.53

Server crash and recovery

My previous webserver provider had a major crash and pushed me back to an old backup somewhere around 2011. I’ve been able to recover posts from WordPress App. Fortunately it did not sync with the website so i was able to retrieve most of the information and re-post.

Unfortunately the /portfolio section is lost. No matter, i will build more.

I’ve moved to a new and hopefully better service now, so hopefully we’re back in business.